With Ultimate Gallery you can manage your photos in a fun and very easy way. Create endless number of albums, protect your discreet or personal ones with your unique password, view your albums in a beautiful 3D Art Gallery mode. The possibilities are endless.


Album features and options

We created Ultimate Gallery in such way that it is easy to use, smart and intuitive. The gallery does not duplicate or copy your images to multiple location this way you do not have to worry about your memory card. By long clicking on one album you can manage it in the following ways

  • Secure pictures from the album. By doing this a lock icon will hide the actual photo, until you unlock it. In the title bar you can easily check if the photos are guarded or not.
  • Rename the album and the photos. The photos can be renamed one by one or in one group, this meaning all the pictures in that album will have the same name.
  • Rank your photos and then add the best ones to your favorite list.
  • Set the location where the pictures were taken. This brings up Google maps and here you can pin point the specific location.
  • Sort the order of your pictures. The application allows you to order your photos by name, creation time, rank or by location.


Gallery View

Ultimate Gallery offers you several options to view the photos.