Welcome to Ultimate Gallery

Ultimate Gallery now provides you the perfect tool to organize,group and of course password protect your images and it does it a very fun and easy way.Main features include:

  • Album Management - categorize your pictures in separate albums.
  • Time Line - automatically groups the images based on the day there were taken.
  • Places - images are grouped by location. Also it lets you assign location to any image, so GPS should not be turned on - saves battery life.
  • Favorites - your most loved pictures and albums can be added to the favorites album allowing quick access to them.
  • No peep - your private images are now safe . A secured image can not be seen while the security is turned on. Of course you can un-secure any secured image at any time.
  • Strip and Art Gallery view - you can scroll through the images in an exciting 3D Art Gallery mode where you can walk trough a 3D gallery with your photos framed on the walls. Of course the traditional Strip view is also available where pinch zoom can be used.

Source Code and the Application are available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimategallery/