Secure Images

Secure ImagesWith the possibility to password protect photos you do not want others to see it is impossible for the curious eye to see something they should not be seeing. You can create your own custom password, then the application hides your pictures by covering it with a lock. The title bar shows if the securing is turned on or off. You do not have to create separate albums for the pictures, they can be secured one by one.

Worrying about someone accidentally peeping into your private pictures is over. Secure images allows you to.

  • Create a unique password witch then will secure all the images chosen by you
  • No need to create a separate album,photos can be secured one by one, this way when you scroll through the album instead of the photo a lock will appear.
  • In the title bar you can always check if the security grid is on or off.
  • The security of course can be turned on or off at any time.