Java Swing based component suite for creating iOS like UI. Smooth animations, list views, switches, animated scroll controls, etc.

  • implemented in pure Java, however it requires Oracle (Sun) JRE
  • looks similar on Windows, OSX and Linux

It is an almost complete component suite to let developers to create iOS like applications for desktop systems. Applications developed with this UI will behave similar to applications on iOS platform, with one difference: the mouse could be used instead of your finger.

The source source can be downloaded from

IOSUI would not exist without the libraries below:



IOSUI is a Swing based component suite, which means you can use standard Swing components in IOSUI, however that will look strange. IOSUI components designed to look and behave similar regardless to the OS where the application is running. Also IOSUI components share some common features:

  • support busy. All the IOSUI components can be busy. When a component is busy it displays a rotating infinite progress.
  • support alpha. All the IOSUI components have an alpha property, which controls the component's transparency.

IOSUI contains the following packages

  • iosui - this is the core IOSUI package. You need this in every case.
  • iosui-gallery - this package contains the IOSUIGallery component which is for display cell based content in a grid or a swipe-able strip. See PicasaDemo to see it in action.
  • iosui-demo - this package contains all the demo created for IOSUI suite.


IOSUI source released as Eclipse projects. You can import them into a workspace then it is up to you how to build and deploy your application.