Page Control

IOSUIPageControl used to display horizontally animated pages. The control keeps track of displayed pages and provide "back" functionality. To see IOSUIPageControl in action check the video below.

IOSUIPageControl uses IOSUIPage to display pages, so to go forward to a new page, all you need is to call IOSUIPageControl.navigateTo(IOSUIPage page).

public interface IOSUIPage {
	String getPageTitle();
	IOSUIComponent getPageContent();
	IOSUIComponent getPageControls();
	void setShell(IOSUIPagesControl shell);
	boolean isImageBack();
	void pageRemoved();

  • getPageTitle() - return the title used for this page
  • getPageContent() - the actual content of the page.
  • getPageControls() - currently not used. It will be used to get additional header controls. They will be placed at the right side of the header.
  • setShell() -  the owner page control sets this value. If you want to go forward from this page, you must call the shell's navigateTo()
  • isImageBack() - if true, then a back arrow will be displayed in the back button instead of the page title
  • pageRemoved() - is called when a page go out.


Page control uses a header to display the page title and the back button.By default page control creates this header for itself, however you can give it one to use that.

Page control with a custom header (placed to application's header):

Page control with own header: