In order to display an IOSUI application, first of all you need to create an IOSUIApplication instance. This will be the main window of the application.

All you need is to provide the content and header of the application. In the most cases the content would be an IOSUIView. IOSUIView is similar to JPanel, but it based on JGoodies Form Layout. When you create an IOSUIView component you can specify the column and row of the layout, then use one of the many .addXY???() method to add components to the view.

You can read more on Form Layout on JGoodies site.

IOSUIView content = new IOSUIView("p:g","p:g");
IOSUIButton btn = new IOSUIButton(new AbstractAction(IOSI18N.get("msg.btn.exit")) {
	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {

btn.setBackground(new Color(255,0,0,150));
IOSUIHeader hdr = IOSUIHeader.createApplicationHeader(0, 1, "Empty IOS UI Application");
hdr.addXY(btn, 2, 1, "c,c");
IOSUIApplication.startIOSUIApplication(400, 300,content,hdr);

This code will start an empty application which looks like the screen shot below.